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Where to even begin!

Every time I’d meet a pregnant woman and she’d ask me where to start, I’d write a few names of sites (and people) that I love and trust to point her in the right direction.

As our conversation continued, I say, “Oh wait, let me add this site too” then scribble another site on the scrap of paper.

So I finally decided that I should collect all these sites together in one spot and the Resource Guide was born.

This is by no means all the pregnancy sites out there (there are gabillions) but these are the ones that I recommend time and time again that provide solid advice without scaring the shit out of you.

Download the free guide

I hope it helps!

Trying to find solid pregnancy and baby info or advice on the Internet? Where do you even begin? We've got you covered--find all the best pregnancy and newborn sites in one spot!

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